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GMT - A Leading Light for Optics

Mike Gauge and Christopher Mullin, two names widely respected throughout the optic and ophthalmic industries with Pilkington Glass, founded Gauge Mullin Trading (GMT) in 1991.

Thanks to decades of experience, they already understood that organisations working with precision instrumentation needed the best advice for sourcing optic, ophthalmic and silicon components.

Whether funded privately or publicly, optic and ophthalmic industries could ill-afford to use incorrect or sub-standard components and machining, or spend time and effort searching for reliable, cost-effective suppliers.

GMT helped these organisations obtain the best components and machine tools from a select shortlist of reputable global suppliers. As well as making beneficial introductions, GMT was always on hand to give expert advice.

Some suppliers have used GMT as their UK agent since its formation. Coupled with the lasting relationships GMT has helped to forge between suppliers and their customers, the company’s position as an industry leader for knowledge and service remains unchallenged.

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