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GeA owns a deposit of Germanium-containing coal and has control of all processing stages up to Germanium Poly-Crystalline and chemical compounds of Germanium, growing Germanium Mono-Crystals and manufacturing Germanium blanks. This integrated, reliable and flexible technology cycle enables Russian company GeA to offer reliability and peace of mind, and to share its competitive advantages with customers.

Among many services, GeA principally provides:

  • Germanium blanks and components made from poly- or monocrystalline germanium windows, prisms, cylinders and more
  • Germanium optical lenses, both spherical and aspherical, domes and hyper-hemispheres
  • Germanium wafers and substrates (for solar cells and electronics)
  • Zinc Selenide blanks and optical components with low absorption in a middle infrared range: windows, lenses, mirrors, prisms, beam splitters

GeA is the biggest Russian producer and exporter of Germanium blanks for optics and electronics, and the company is one of the leading world producers of Germanium. Founded in 2004, the company’s integrated approach to production ensures reliability and quality.

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