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Glass Fab takes raw optical materials such as optical glass, filter glass, fused quartz and silica, and low expansion materials, and converts them into near net-shaped blanks to customer specifications. The company’s full range of machining capabilities, overall machine capacity and cost effective purchasing allows it to provide competitive pricing and lead times.

Thanks to extensive machining capabilities, Glass Fab provides:

  • Optical glass materials designed for their index and dispersion properties<
  • More than 100 types of filter glass for transmission or absorption properties
  • Fused quartz and fused silica materials with low thermal expansion and high transmission
  • Low thermal expansion materials
  • Annealing and reslumping most optical materials
  • Miscellaneous materials including ceramics and float glasses

Founded in 1974, Glass Fab has become a world leader in fabricating quality optical blanks. The company is a member of the American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association, among others, and prizes competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.

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